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Free Shipping and Easy Returns (the continental US)

1800 Lumen LED Rechargeable Work Light with Detachable Flashlight with 4 foot Tripod Stand

Portable rechargeable work light with quick release flashlight handle. Enjoy up to 2hrs of run time on 100% brightness. Includes detachable 4 foot tripod stand.


Type of LED COB 
Illuminant Rated Power 20W+3W (Detachable torch)
Lumen Main light (100%):  1800lm     
Main light (30%):  550lm
Torch:  110lm
Battery 7.4V 4400mAH li-ion battery
Torch battery:  2*AA battery
Operating Time (100% brightness):  2hrs
(30% brightness):  6hrs
Torch light:  4.5hrs
Charging Time 4-5hrs
Temperature Rating  -10℃~60℃ 
IP IK rating IP 54; IK 07
Additional features detachable torch



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